Types of hightlight: a touch of light for your make-up!

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Powder, cream, compact, for eyes or face: many types of illuminants for different and amazing results!

A touch of light, a valid ally to bring out facial features, improving them in many cases. The illuminating is a unique product, which has known an enormous diffusion in recent years, chosen to obtain a radiant appearance and a fresh and luminous skin. From an exceptional cosmetic, used only on special occasions, to an unmissable product in the daily make-up routine.

Tendentially many cosmetics, such as foundation and powder, often contain a small amount of illuminant mixed with other ingredients. Today, however, we want to talk about the pure illuminant, powder, cream, stick or concentrated shining liquid to be used during makeup to give immediate light to the face and also to the body.

The use of the illuminant in the contouring technique is fundamental, thanks to which a play of light and shadow is created on the skin. Illuminating face where do you put ? T-zone, cupid's arch and chin center are areas that need to be made clear and bright, accentuated and enlarged thanks to the use of the illuminant.

Types of illuminant: compact, cream or powder?

In summer, then, the use of this sparkling make-up product is highly recommended to give your tan an irresistible golden finish. There are different types of illuminant, suitable for different needs and for different occasions. Let's discover them together!

Compact illuminant

Onsight this product looks exactly like a blush or earth, inside a square or round case. the compact brightener is removed and applied with a large brush with wide bristles to spread it evenly over the entire face as a golden finish after applying foundation and blush. With a soft bristle brush you can apply it to specific areas of the face in a more specific way. The special brush fan-shaped for lighting powder, on the other hand, is used to create the diffused light effect on the cheekbones.

Liquid highlighter

With a particular consistency, a bit denser than a normal liquid: this is the liquid highlighter. Compared to the powder version, this type of make-up product is only applied to certain areas of the face, to avoid a really excessive glitter effect. Through the use of the fingers the light pigments heat up for an easier application that mixes with the rest of the make-up. You will realize that you have applied it well when all you see is the luminous effect and you will not notice the detachment of the applied product from the base. The liquid illuminant goes best with a mineral powder foundation, compact and not very opaque.

Powdered highlighter

Illuminating Best, and even the one most loved by make-up artists is the powdered, thanks to the very fine formula that once applied makes the face immediately healthier and brighter. In this texture, the size of the grains of powder is decisive: a coarser texture is a symptom of lower quality, because once applied it tends to stand out more, while a greater fineness manages to blend perfectly with the rest of the makeup and skin.

Stick lightener

Also the makeup highlighter in stick is not suitable to be applied all over the face, but only on certain areas, passing the stick directly on the areas of the skin you want to illuminate or applying the illuminant with your fingers or even with a brush.

In all cases the product should then be blended to blend perfectly with the complete makeup.

Highlighter with applicator

A decidedly practical choice, to avoid carrying around the brush on every occasion is the highlighter with applicator. In this case, in fact, the brush is contained directly on the package. To give, literally, a "dust off" to the makeup at all times, even outside the home. For a brighter result, slightly dampen the applicator before applying it. Surprising effect!

Microspherical bead illuminant

Small balls of light formed by dust, and then compacted into balls to facilitate the application. To apply this type of illuminant you need a large brush, to pass directly on the spheres and spread on the whole face. The spheres have different colour gradations, for a shading effect that varies depending on how the light hits our skin.

Eyes brightening

A practical and portable case similar to that of a small eye shadow. The texture is compact and concentrated, very bright, perfect to illuminate the look by passing a veil over the makeup. An enlightening eye shadow should be spread carefully but it should never be missing in your makeup bag.

Face enlightener

The illuminating face, has a finer texture, designed to be stretched and shaded without creating stains or product build-up. Always choose the right brush for face brightener and if you use the same brushes for other products be careful to clean them well after use otherwise you will have glitter everywhere!

For a complete and sophisticated look, for that extra touch that makes your face three-dimensional, choose from the many types of Mia Cosmetics highlighters more suitable for you and start to shine!

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