Dry skin needs to be hydrated constantly and each skincare routine step must to include ingredients capable to maintain skin moisturized and nourished. 

Start the day washing your face with a gentle foaming face cleanser rich in superfruits and calming blue daisy like In Da Cloud and apply few drops of a extra hydrating Blooming Serum with Rosehip oil and Mallow to fight and reduce wrinkles. For a boost of antioxidants, once or twice a week, give a cuddle to your skin with the mix of argan, jojoba and olive oil with spirulina seaweed, fermented aloe and hyaluronic acid, that you find in Spirucandy face mask and help your skin to increase Micro-circle and desquamation to be toned and smoother! When you need to see your skin brighter treat it with Radiant Clay face mask: its formulation with green clay, kaolin and shea butter maintains your skin hydrated for 5 days!


Oily skin are always fighting against sebum and the unaesthetic shiny effect on face that are usually “hidden” under layers of face powder, but the only way to win this battle is to do a right and constant skincare routine capable to balance your skin from the lower layer.

Active charcoal is the most powerful ingredient for oily and combination skin because it doesn’t just move impurities from your skin but it acts like a magnet attracting and sweep away them. Cleansing In The Dark is the black face cleanser that your face will love, thanks to Charcoal, Aloe Vera and Mallow inside that provides hydration and restores the balance of the skin making it fresh and bright. The following step in your skincare routine should contain the power of BHA BOOST, salicylic acids most of all, to deeply gently exfoliate your skin removing day by day impurities, dark spots, blemishes and acne. Once or twice a week you can go deeper on your skin choosing mechanical exfoliation of Scrubbycado, Let It Breathe with the oxygenating face scrub or give it superfood with Green Caviar gel scrub. To refresh and purify with the calming power of Aloe Vera and purple ginseng apply Seng-Seng for 5 minutes when you need extra cuddles, reducing wrinkles and make skin dry. For everyday hydration, after cleanser entrust your skin to Harmonia Purify and Balance serum and ACTIVE Face cream.


Play with cosmetics is a fun activity, especially for beauty lover, but if you don’t know your skin type could be damaging instead of enhance your skin! Sensitive and reactive skin need to be treated with a custom skincare routine made only of formulation with ingredient gentle and respectful for your epidermis. The best way to start your skincare routine is to wash your face with a foaming face cleanser with fruits extracts, blue daisy and purple ginseng like In Da Cloud. To give daily hydration and prevent wrinkles and desquamation apply Blooming Serum Rose Infusion day and night and once or twice a week purify with Seng-Seng face mask with just 5 minutes of layering, the aloe and the purple ginseng inside have calming and refreshing properties, as well as balance and gentle exfoliate skin. For a deep exfoliation, ut always respectful of your sensitive skin, entrust it to Papricot Reset, the only one face peeling that combines the mechanical exfoliation made by apricot’s pins and the papain enzymatic action, to have a smoother and softer!


After 25 it’s time to think to prevent wrinkles and after 35 you need to start to fight them and nothing is better than a good skincare routine with Ialuronic acids, superfood and exfoliating ingredients to keep skin hydrated and never stop to increasing the cells turnover. Cleanse your face with a gentle foaming cleanser such as In Da Cloud preparing your skin to receive every active ingredients inside your cosmetics. The Gold Infusion Blooming Serum should be your everyday friend, day and night, to make your skin radiant with Rosehip Oil and the infusion of gold 24 k to reduce wrinkles and to plump, or you can choose to use Harmonia Ialuronic Pro Age serum or Harmonia Intense. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week is necessary to remove dead cells, impurities and smooth, you can do this with the mechanical gel face scrub Green Caviar that gives hydration reducing desquamation or with the AHA power inside the Seng-Seng purifying mask with calming purple ginseng and refreshing aloe vera. If you prefer multipurpose product the Spirucandy mask will be your ally for life: it purifies, revitalizes and hydrates your skin with spirulina seaweed extracts, making skin toned and smoother.  An essential step if you have discolorations, sun spots, chloasma or other skin dyschromias is to treat your skin with the brightening cream Complexion Clarifying based on mandelic acid, available for face and body. For everyday hydration, after cleanser and serum entrust your skin to your favorite face cream such as STAMINA or ANTIAGE Face cream.


Teenage dream can become a nightmare if your skin isn’t perfect as you want and acne and dry skin can be your worst enemy, the secret to live without struggling yourself for your skin condition is to follow a basic skincare routine based on your skin problem, if you have them!

For normal skin is enough to use the right face cleanser like In Da Cloud day and night and use and apply a moisturizer as Hydrata Face Cream. Once a week you can free your skin from dead cells and make skin smoother with Twinky Twinkle, the shimmer gel exfoliator with sparkles that leave a glowy effect to show at every party! If instead you’re fighting with acne and marks you should try the gentle exfoliation of BHA Boost applied locally on imperfections, and use daily Harmonia Purify and Balance serum and ACTIVE Face Cream that act also against oily skin, exfoliate reducing acne scars and sebum production!

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