Italian brand house which is part of the cosmetics market: from makeup, to fragrances, accessories, up to skincare, with a precise strategic positioning: medium-low cost and high service. This entails a very strong identity that is connoted in a first quality cosmetic product, totally produced and certified in Italy, complementary with a leverage on customer attention and experience that is offered to the customer in our stores. This allows us to obtain a competitive advantage and a positioning in an adjacent market niche but never coinciding with that of our competitors.

Mia differs from all others in its fundamental concept: customer satisfaction. The customer is at the centre of our offer system and its value in use must be in line with its perceived value. We offer a shopping experience that allows the customer to feel accompanied and guided in the way that best suits his needs. We call it a one-to-one experience. How the store, the makeup line and the cosmetic lines adapt to the specific needs of each woman, with her problems and insecurities. In every Mia shopper that you find around the streets or in a mall there are no products but solutions of beauty, sensations and the certainty of being more beautiful every day. Every woman does not buy a product but a better version of herself and this is precisely what we are committed every day to offering our customers: the quality of our products, 100% Italian certified, ready to all intolerances or hypersensitivity of our customers by offering hypoallergenic products, nickel-free and absolutely fighting any form of testing on animals.


We evaluate the opening of a new Mia Cosmetics Store on condition that the sales outlet area parameters are respected, from 40 to 70 mq, and that it is located in a shopping centre or city centre with a catchment area of no less than 60,000 inhabitants. The contract has a duration of 5 years and provides for the installation of goods, supply of hardware and management software, 100% recharge, while no entry fees, royalties and bank guarantees are required. Joining the franchising of Mia means marrying a winning and proven business model. Our staff, made up of capable and competent professionals, is made available to those who want to do and get involved in order to achieve economic and professional results of maximum satisfaction.

In a fierce and competitive market relying on those who have already experienced winning business logic is now an opportunity for concrete and secure investment. Our development policy is oriented in Italy and abroad. With more than 40 stores in Italy and abroad and with a spread of products in most of the Middle East, Morocco, Lebanon, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Greece and Bulgaria. We are always looking for commercial partners for the development of the MIA Cosmetics project in Italy, Europe and the World.

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