Oily and impure skin also needs hydration, as well as having to be treated with the most suitable formulations to cleanse it thoroughly without occluding it. The Purify and Balance serum has enormous exfoliating power thanks to cucumber glycolic acid and is able to rebalance and balance the skin with astringent and soothing properties. The perfect product for those who fight with acne and blackheads on a daily basis!

A burst of energy for dull skin that needs to be restored! The C-Detox serum with its mix of Vitamin C, Mandelic Acid and Hydrolyzed Mullein flowers is a powerful antioxidant, lightening for skin discoloration, antibacterial, soothing and sebum regulator. The ideal product for all ages, even to prevent the first signs of aging!

To awaken the skin and eliminate stress, fatigue, dehydration and heaviness of the face, apply a vial of Intense Glico Ronic Lifting before the face cream for a boost of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid able to penetrate the skin, relaxing wrinkles!

The elastin-based anti-wrinkle that you won't be able to do without! We have created a treatment to be done every 3 months for 14 days for a skin recovery effect that reduces the effects of photo aging by strengthening and nourishing the skin with hydrolyzed collagen. The benefits can be seen from the very first applications!

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