The beauty of your skin starts with proper cleansing: morning and evening, cleanse your skin by completely removing make-up, impurities, sebum residue and pollution. Choose the right facial cleanser for your skin type and free it from the stress of the day!

Dive into IN DA CLOUD and let yourself be enveloped in a soft cloud of foam with fruit extracts, purple ginseng and blue daisy to soothe and cleanse even the most sensitive and reactive skin.

To detoxify, remove sebum and impurities from oily and combination skin, CLEANSING IN THE DARK's mix of activated charcoal, aloe vera and mallow balances the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant!

Chemical, mechanical or enzymatic exfoliation? Scrub with natural ingredients or exfoliating liquid? Whatever your exfoliation needs, you will find the appropriate solution!

To act locally on the points where impurities are particularly aggressive and to stimulate cell turnover, apply BHA BOOST, a salicylic acid booster that fines the skin texture and energises with Vitamin B3 and aloe juice.

Remove dead cells and get your skin ready to breathe with LET IT BREATHE, the oxygenating scrub with activated charcoal and green tea. And if you want to do without superfoods and multifunctional products, SCRUBBYCADO will be your new ally: an exfoliating mask that nourishes, compacts the skin and protects it from atmospheric aggression!

For ultra-soft exfoliation, ideal even for young and very young skin, the granular texture of gel scrubs such as GREEN CAVIAR reduces flaking on dry skin and for shimmering under the stars TWINKY TWINKLE adds a luminous, shimmering touch to exfoliation!

When you don't know what to use between mechanical and enzymatic scrubs, choose PAPRICOT RESET, the double facial exfoliator which combines the enzymatic action of papain with the mechanical action of apricot kernels to reset the skin for a smooth and soft face.

Oily, very dry and dehydrated, combination and acne-prone skin need to be treated with the right products, and masks with superfoods and clays are an excellent way of restoring balance and moisturising!

Refreshes, purifies and reduces the shine of oily skin with the powerful SENG-SENG mask with extract of purple ginseng and neutralised alpha hydroxy acids. SPIRUCANDY revitalises and moisturises dry, combination skin on the face and neck with extract of spirulina algae, argan, jojoba, aloe and hyaluronic acid.

And to make the skin dry but moisturised and radiant? RADIANT CLAY keeps the skin moisturised for up to 5 days thanks to shea butter and rebalances with the antibacterial and absorbent power of green clay and kaolin.

MIA Pro Skin Complexion Clarifying is designed to combat skin dyschromia such as sun spots, age spots, chloasma, hyper and hypo pigmentation of the skin.

MIA Pro Skin Complexion Clarifying is designed to combat skin discolourations such as sun spots, age spots, chloasma, hyper- and hypo-pigmentation of the skin.

Make a cycle of 2 applications per day until the desired results are achieved, to maintain the health of the skin repeat a 30-day cycle every 6 months.


Dry and chapped lips? Discover SCRUBBY LIP DRINK with the taste of your favorite cocktails!

Give your skin a precious serum infused with rose petals, mallow flowers and rose petals, mallow flowers and 24 K gold. Discover BLOOMING SERUMS

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