Primer skin pores
Primer skin pores


Primer to reduce dilated skin pores


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The face primer has two important functions: to hide imperfections and make the make-up last longer. Step 1 Pore Minimizer is the makeup primer dedicated to oily to mix skin; smoothes, minimizes dilated pores, wrinkles and expression lines because it adheres the foundation to perfection, maintaining its appearance throughout the day, counteracts the shiny effect. The silicone-based formula with transparent consistency glides on the skin, releasing a feeling of elasticity and uniformity. Step 1 Pore Minimizer has a normalizing, non-healing effect on oily skin: it mattifies and regulates the production of sebum giving the skin a matte, silky finish. For a curative sebum-regulating action, it is recommended to use the Mia Cosmetics ACTIVE Cream, every day before applying the primer, and in the evening, after de make up.

#TRICKS OF MIA: Apply, after the moisturizing cream and before the foundation, with the fingertips or with the help of the fluid brush on the face points that have shiny and enlarged pores and especially on the T area: forehead, nose, chin, with regular movements. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes, to prepare the skin for make-up.

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