Strip of synthetic false eyelashes, easy to apply and reusable SANTORINI


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False eyelashes are the right choice if you want to have perfect, long, thick, shiny and perfectly curled eyelashes, without having to use mascara and eyelash curlers every day, which, over time, can weaken and break them. The quickest and most practical way to get a doe-eyed, sexy look is to use false eyelashes.

The collection of false eyelashes with stripes by Mia make up, are all made of synthetic fiber, with a natural and light texture. The various shapes and lengths, allow you to give volume and length to your own, for a natural result suitable for any occasion.

STRIP SANTORINI by Mia Make up are volumizing false eyelashes.

How to apply the false eyelashes:

Peel the SANTORINI volumizing lashes gently from their holder with the help of the eyelash applicator tweezers, shortening them if necessary. Dip the ends of the strips with eyelash glue, let dry for a few seconds and place the strip on the eye to define the application path.
Adhere the SANTORINI strip to the natural eyelash line and press gently with small strokes from the outside to the inside of the eye.
When the strip has set on the eye, complete the make up with a line of eye liner to hide any glue attachment.
Removing the false eyelashes:

Pull the strip from the outer edge gently. Swipe a pad soaked in Hydra Beauty Eye and Lip Gel cleanser over the lashes to remove glue residue from the lashes.

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