Single eyeshadow for makeup palettes

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Velvet Touch Eyeshadow is the refill version of Mia Makeup's single eyeshadows to enhance your personalised make-up palette. Single wafer eyeshadows made of compact, ultra-thin powders, highly pigmented and smooth to the touch, easy to apply and very easy to blend, enhance eye makeup with their differentiated textures. Eyeshadows with high writing and covering power thanks to the innovative formula that allows micronized powders to adhere to the eye without entering the folds of the skin (no fallout effect), for a silky long-lasting result. Available in a wide range of colours that allow you to create both daytime and sophisticated smokey looks. Choose and compose your own custom eyeshadow palette or enrich your magnetic makeup palette with extra matt, pearly or shimmering wafer eyeshadows.

For more eye make-up hold, always use Step 2 Eye Primer that silks the skin of the eyelid and increases makeup hold all day long.

Mia Cosmetics is committed to continuous research to improve the formulas of its cosmetics so INCI may not be the latest version. We therefore advise you to always refer to the INCI on the product packaging.

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