Sheet Masks

Our Masks is divided into two lines: Pure & Precious.
Pure are masks in 100% cellulose with maximum adherence to the face and second skin effect.
They are dedicated to younger skin, with less skin problems and frequent application.
Precious are masks with colored microcrystalline that form a barrier that creates occlusion and allows maximum penetration of the active ingredients into the skin
Therefore they are indicated for mature skin, more marked by the time with evident cutaneous signs.
The sheet masks are born in the Asian tradition but they are spreading all over the world.
We at Mia Cosmetics decided to combine and revisit the best ones to create a perfect beauty routine.

The sheet masks need to be left in place for 15-20 minutes so that the skin can completely absorb the ingredients.
The mark prevents the rapid evaporation of beneficial substances from the skin thus prolonging the absorption time of the ingredients.
The particularity of these masks is their practicality: sold in single-dose packs, they are ready to use.
They are also easy to remove and do not require rinsing.



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